Scotter Village

Whats Happening and Where


The Community Led Plan (Parish Plan) highlighted the need for a volunteer car scheme to operate in Scotter.

Many volunteers kindly came forward to be drivers and as a group we decided to start the scheme on MONDAY 21st JANUARY 2013.

All drivers have a Criminal Record Check and have a drivers licence and insurance cover.

They will be paid a standard rate of £2 per journey from one place to another in Scotter.  Obviously the Parish includes Susworth and Scotterthorpe.  For these journeys the charge is 40p per mile.

In every case the money must be paid to the driver for their out of pocket expenses.  THIS ENSURES THE SCHEME REMAINS SUSTAINABLE.

Our aims are to provide a Monday to Sunday service to the Surgery and to community group meetings and events in Scotter.


If you wish to take advantage of this service or would care to sign up as a driver:-

PLEASE CONTACT  -  SUE MUMBY on 01724 762973