Scotter Village

Whats Happening and Where

Telephone Numbers

based on the numbers in the latest issue of the Eau Valley Advertiser

Badminton Club                                                       Karen Taylor                           762008

Bell Ringers                                                              Debbie Scarf                           764526

Bowls Club                                                                Pat Whittingham                    762460

Brownies                                                                   Collette Nicholls                     762088  email

E.V.A. adverts                                                            Tony Goude                             763825  email

Eau Community Centre                                          bookings                                  762635

Friends of Scotter & District Medical Centre       Janet Cooper                          762635

Girl Guides                                                                Beverley Hill                             763655

Good Companions                                                  Dorothy Brown                        762940

Grace Church                                                           John Birch                                761650

L.I.V.E.S.                                                                    Louise Ede                               334860

Methodist Chapel                                                                                                        762305

Methodist Chapel                                                    hall bookings                           762453

Methodist Sunday School  ('Messy Church')                                                          762097

Parent & Toddlers                                                   Vicki Scott                                  762891

Parish Council                                                         parish clerk                               764599   email

Playing Fields Committee                                     Julie Dzygrynuk                        762974

Pre-school                                                                                                       07549 419865

Rainbows                                                                  Sue Bell                                    763654

St. Peter's Church                                                    Rev. Mike Burson-Thomas   762951

St. Peter's Church                                                    Church wardens                     762807 & 762466

Scotter Junior Football Club                                  Joanne Sowerby                     852825

Scotter United                                                           Dan Nicholls                            762088

Scouts                                                                        Jonathan Billingham              764842

Swimming Club                                                        Barbara & Terry Stevens       762078

Tennis Club                                                               Karen Welch                            761180

Textile Group                                                             Vera Johnson                          763513

Village Hall                                                                                                                    764065

Village Hall                                                                 bookings (Mon-Fri only)         762168

Women's Institute                                                     Joyce Brown                            764661