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L.I.V.E.S. First Responders

TONY and the CADILLACS fundraiser

Tuesday 18th October 2011 - 7pm at Scotter Village Hall

includes Pie and Pea supper; bar to 11.30pm

tickets are £10 and can be obtained from:-

   Scotter Post Office

   Three Horse Shoes at Scotton

   Janet Cooper  (01724 762635)


Our organisation plays a vital role as first responders to an accident or emergency in the community.  We cover the local area of Scotter, Scotton, Northorpe, Scotterthorpe, Susworth and Laughton.  There is also a satelitte group covering Messingham and a lone responder attached to the group which covers East Butterwick.

We are very keen to attract new people so please get in touch.

First Responder volunteers are alerted by the ambulance service to incidents within the local community.  They attend patients with breathing difficulties, strokes, heart attacks, collapse, chest pains or suspected cardiac arrests.  First Responders provide basic life support in the vital first few minutes before the ambulance service arrives.  They may also be required to give support and reassurance to relatives.  They work on a rota system with other members of the group and are called out by the ambulance service via a mobile phone text message.


Anyone of 18 years old or over, with a full, clean driving licence can be a First Responer.  You will need to carry a 15kg bag of equipment and be able to kneel and administer CPR for up to 20 minutes.

No previous experience is needed as we provide all the necessary training.

After the three days initial training you only need to give as much time as you can spare.  Even when you are 'on duty' you will be able to do many of the things you already do without affecting your ability to respond when needed.


Scotter Group

We have a group of 6 responders who are trained to deliver early Basic Life Support and early Defibrillation. In addition, they provide patient assessment, oxygen therapy and general patient care.

Some of our responders have gone on to develop their skills by doing advanced training to enable them to attend paediatric calls and trauma.

Some responders can also administer drugs such as Salbutamol (for Asthmatic patients), Glucagon (for Diabetics), Adrenaline (if a person is suffering from a severe allergic reaction) and Entonox (gas & air, used for pain relief).

In addition to the responders we also have a Group Co-ordinator who plays a pivotal role within the organisation. They are the link between LIVES HQ and the other members of their Group. Activities include disseminating information from HQ, arranging regular Group meetings and dealing with new recruits (assisting with application forms etc.).

A Group Treasurer who handles the Group petty cash, banks money from fundraising activities and donations, arranges receipts and 'Thank You' letters for donors and completes a monthly finance return for the group showing income and any expenses that need to be claimed.

The Group Trainer who keeps the responders up to date with latest protocols and equipment and ensuring skills are maintained.

We also have a large group of fundraisers/helpers, some of whom are previous responders who help out with awareness of LIVES, fundraising and are a continued support to the group.







Latest figures, for the whole of the Lincolnshire area LIVES cover, show :-

Since the beginning of 2008 LIVES members have attended over 11,250 calls, 155 of which were cardiac arrests with 23 of those surviving. Our average response time in 2008 was 4 minutes 32 seconds. This means that in towns and villages where there is a First Responder group, the chance of survival following Cardiac Arrest has increased to 35%. (To see the other types of emergencies that out volunteers attend please visit Our Volunteers).

Scotter group co-ordinator: Louise Ede

Telephone: 01724 334860    Mobile: 07786244845    Email:


L.I.V.E.S. Headquarters

Telephone: 01507 525999    Fax: 01507 524333    Email:

Address:   LIVES,  The War Memorial Centre,  North Street,  Horncastle,  Lincolnshire,  LN9 5DX







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