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Bell Ringers

Where :     St Peters Church - Scotter

When :       Wednesday Evening 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Contact :  Debbie Scarf on (01724) 764526 or e-mail

Church tower bell ringing (or campanology) is a fascinating hobby which combines rhythmical ability (without having to read a note of music), an ability to remember patterns of numbers (without having to be a mathematical genius) and a wish to be part of a skilful team.  It is suitable for all ages from about 9 years upwards and has the benefit of providing gentle (or not so gentle if you so choose!) exercise, a very effective brain workout and a great opportunity to get involved in an activity which makes you welcome in any ringing chamber of any church in any part of the country.(Video Clip)


Whereas hand-bell ringing usually incorporates ringing tunes, using sheet music and bells of specific notes, tower bellringing comprises ringing a bell to a set pattern or “method” which has to be learned and memorized.  There are thousands of such methods and range from those rung on 6 bells (as at Scotter) or less, up to those rung on 12 bells, as at many of the cathedrals across the country.


At Scotter we are always ready to welcome and teach new ringers; you do not need special equipment or clothing and we charge nothing to teach!  We practise on Wednesday evenings, between 7.30 and 9.00 pm and ring for Sunday service at St. Peters from 9.30 to 10.00.  We also like to do other things – from ringing outings and weekends, to barbeques, barn dances, quizzes and other get-togethers.  We are also affiliated to the Lincoln Guild of Church Bellringers and take part in ringing and other activities further afield.


If you think bellringing may be for you, come along and meet us on Wednesday practise night or contact Debbie Scarf on (01724) 764526 or e-mail 

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